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Another Day, Another Year January 15, 2009

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So the new year has come and gone, I’ve been queried a few times to see what kind of resolutions I was taking or if I wanted to join some challenges (like my friend Nigel is attempting).

Truthfully, for me the new year is potentially just SSDD (same s$#% different day). Resolutions are ok but tend to imply that you need to change something in your life for whatever reasons you might have. This is where it doesn’t work for me for in general my life is what it is and I’ve accepted it as is. Granted things could much better and don’t match where I saw myself at my age but I’ve spent too much of the past years trying to change things with no success – I seem to be plagued with bad vibes – and I’m not inclined to invest anymore energy in fighting it. Some might call it being comfortable with things as they are but at least I know what my crappy personal & work life entails…

Sure I know what needs changing and how to change them but that may mean spawning even more difficulties and issues. So this year, taking things as they go!

Aside from that shoddy rant, I expect that I’ll try to do more of the same:

  • 1 new video game a month;
  • achieve some form of regularity in my blogging (I foresee a move to video blogging);
  • and generally accepting my pains physical & moral alike.

And of course continuously complaining about it… Although I probably should try to stop sounding like a broken record!

Ian Curtis, in Joy Division’s Heart & Soul, once wrote:

The past is now part of my Future
The present is well out of hand!

a motto I seem to be fully embedded in 😦



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