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To Vista or Not? Need a 64bit OS but Linux not an Option – Your Thoughts April 7, 2009

Posted by fvter in Hardware, OS, Rants.
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So I am planning on moving my home PC to a 6Gb memory base (and also moving to a Core i7). Because of limitations in a 32bit system for supporting memory over 4Gb, I am going to have to move to a 64bit platform. So the question becomes which OS should I use on this new hardware configuration?
The machine in question is used extensively for gaming and other «productivity» usages by all the members of my family. Let’s just say that Linux is not an option on this machine for many different reasons including the fact that a lot of games and apps that I use just don’t work properly…

So I need advice on which way to take the platform:

  • Should I move to Vista Home Premium? or,
  • Should I stick with Windows XP 64bit?

Your thoughts and opinions very much appreciate, please don’t hesitate to comment on this post or video replies to this Seesmic thread!



1. Nico - July 27, 2009

Coming very late to this…

I was making do with XP 64, as my experience with Vista was a very painful handful of days…

Then I tried the Windows 7 RC. I switched my only partition at home with Windows on it (photography work) to it.

7 is not as maddening as Vista and still provides enhancements compared to XP64, mainly in the user experience.

Granted, the machine is a dual quad-core Xeon with 1 GB of RAM, 4x SAS in hardware RAID 1+0 and 2x Quadro cards in SLI, so the performance is quite good, I do not really feel like I’m wasting 60% of my hardware resources on the OS and its various band-aids (like the maddeningly dumb anti-virus).

7 is still not as good as a Linux desktop, but I need a Windows system…

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