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Seesmic Desktop Revisited May 29, 2009

Posted by fvter in Technology, UI, Web.
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A few weeks ago, I posted an article about Seesmic Desktop in which I promised to continue to revisit the product. About a week ago Team Seesmic released a new version…

I have to say that the feature set on Seesmic Desktop continues to impress me and the integration they are doing with both the Twitter and Facebook API is amazing. But, yes there is a but and continues to big a But before I can fully adopt it as my staple client. Looking back at my main list of qualms from the previous post, some things have changed for the better and some things just haven’t changed and plague IMHO the experience.

Most of the bugs that were itemized seem to be under control but I am still seeing some problems with CPU and still don’t have my twitter avatar as well as the two window link click. I’ve also noticed some new quirks like right clicking on a link or other hypertext in an entry brings up either a copy/paste menu that is disabled or a weird menu with lots > symbols. Outside of that, I do believe that the stability of the solution has potential achieved a milestone.

The UI issues remain a sour point with me. Although the close box issue (at least on Windows) seems to be behaving as you would expect, I just don’t understand the remaining UI and how people can actually live with them. The primary points that really need to be addressed remain: real-estate usage; the weird column/tab bar behavior; and strange column resizing layout in the scroll window when the window is resized. That last point is difficult to extrapolate but essentially I get the impression that some weird ration is being applied based on the size of the window to determine the width and number of detached columns that are displayed in the visible part.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can easily live with new UI paradigms do it all the time. The problem is that this UI just does not seem intuitive and gives me the net impression that it’s not convenient for ease of manipulation and interactivity.

Let me know you thoughts and/or comments through this article or via my Seesmic Profile or thru Twitter

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Using TweetDeck’s Features March 2, 2009

Posted by fvter in Technology, Web.
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Following a pleasant feature review (or how-to) of TweetDeck by Cali Lewis on GeekBrief.TV ep.517, I figured it was about time to actually sit down and fully investigate the different functions in the utility and did so this weekend.
I’ve been using TweetDeck for quite a few months now from time to time (I alternate with Twhirl) and was only really using it with some of the default columns :- all friends, replied, directs.

From time to time I also used twitscoop and in rare occasions would also run a search. For what it’s worth that basic mode in itself is a very functional Twitter interface with the benefit of quickly allowing you to see the tweet feed plus tweets where you are mentioned. That’s about it for the TweetDeck features :- this post is about some new features rather than a review.

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/7802/411183&tbid=k_14&premium=false&height=334&width=319]

The function that intrigued me during Cali’s how-to was the groups ability. With it, you can group different Twitter accounts into one column. I follow a number of tech & general news magazines/webzines that use Twitter as a form of notification. The group functionality allows you to put these all together for quick identification and review. I set this up and a couple of others (tech products, security & close friends tweets).
After running TweetDeck for a few days like this, my conclusions are that it’s useful and interesting but… (the buts are related to the following two points):

  • you need a really wide monitor (on my laptop this is inconvenient as you spend much time scrolling in all directions);
  • it hasn’t given me and noticeable benefits in the way I look at tweets! The main reason for this is that I tend to speed read through most Internet chatter/info and focus on the points that catch my eye or raise a flag. I can do this quite easily and efficiently in the general all friends feed. This however could be a side effect of the lack is screen realestate.

I’ll continue to use these features especially on my gaming rig with the big monitor where it will give me a better vision of things. On another note here, it would be nice to have a save/transfer settings feature.

I am still stuck on one point with TweetDeck and that is that I am unable to find and easily follow a new Twitter. I am sure it is there somewhere but just not that obvious (at least from my PoV). It will be interesting to watch it evolve.

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